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I'm a San Diego native living in Ogden, Utah with my husband Colin and our two kids who happen to be dogs, Lefty and Miles. We all moved here in January of 2018 and have been loving the experience of four full seasons, road tripn' all over the West and the enjoyment of being first-time homeowners. We put our roots down in a 100 year old rambler on the East Bench of Ogden and had a beautiful bohemian back yard wedding in the fall of '18. 

When I was super little and started dressing myself, I was that kid at the grocery store with a tutu over my pajamas, some tap shoes, a hat or maybe a bag. It all depended on the day but you get the idea. I still am that individual who is most content when I am free to express and create however, what started as experimental has thankfully evolved into a natural sophistication. Most of my work is purely an enhancement of what beauty already sits in my chair. I am here to help you create a look that is not only super functional but empowering!

I have curated a service menu that allows you to have a customizable experience because we are all individuals. From the moment you step into Park Haus Salon, you will feel welcomed and supported. I truly value listening to your needs and love to offer suggestions based on face shape, texture and lifestyle.

If you are looking for an experienced stylist, if you are wanting a better understanding of your hair and your hair’s maintenance, if you want consistency and an elevated salon experience, I would love to meet you.

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